Sweet Breakfast Date!



On our way to the Museum of Natural History last Saturday, my date and I decided to stop in at Le Pain Quotidien at 72nd and Central Park West for some sweet breakfast treats before our museum exploration!

Upon entering the cafe, I was instantly transported to Belgium by both the decor and delicious scents of bread, pastries and coffee. The seating arrangements fascinated me with their big communal tables scattered throughout the cafe as well as their cozy two and four-seater tables. “Friends and strangers alike come together around our communal table to break bread and linger for a while” – Le Pain Quotidien. We are reminded by the fact that even in such a big city like New York City, we are a community! 

Now let’s talk about their delicacies! Founder, Alain Coumont began Le Pain Quotidien baking bread, so we decided to have the bread basket (meant to be shared) with an assortment of jams and spreads. To start off our meal we had two of the most delicious beverages ever! – a Belgium hot chocolate and a latte. Now this Belgium hot chocolate is unlike any standard hot chocolate you’ve ever had! They serve you a cup of hot milk and a small vial of pure dark liquid chocolate to pour inside the milk. The outcome? Pure satisfaction!

Have you been convinced as yet? Maybe this next photo might! 


Price Range: $

Cozy Level: 4 Stars (out of 5)


Express Train to Chocolate Heaven!



If you have never taken your date to Max Brenner before then Shame on You! Hailed for their ooey, gooey, chocolate goodness, Max Brenner creations are chocolate volcanos waiting to explode their sinful and smooth riches in yours and your dates mouths! 

Upon walking into their Union Square location you are instantly welcomed by a smooth and velvety aroma of rich chocolate that instantly makes your mouth water. Its hard for me to manage more than a mere few steps in the restaurant before wanting to eat everything in sight (and this is before I am even seated!). From chocolate cocktails to shakes to waffles to ice creams to fondues, Max Brenner appeals to every chocolate lovers taste buds. The atmosphere is cozy, the staff is helpful and their guests all seem to be in jovial moods (who wouldn’t be in a good mood if chocolate is present!). So take the next express train to Union Square and experience the decadence of Max Brenner for yourself! 

p.s….their tag line is “Chocolate: A Love Story” that’s a sign to begin your own love story! 



Vegan Ice-cream anyone?



I first sampled the ice-cream at Lulu’s Sweet Apothecary a few weeks ago on what felt like the coldest night in New York City ever! I thought that I must have been out of my mind to eat ice-cream in the freezing weather until I sank my taste-buds into the velvety smoothness of their sundae (I then remembered that I was still sane but I might have momentarily died and gone to heaven…that sequence is still debatable!) 

Lulu’s offers its patrons a wide variety of vegan desserts but it’s clear that their biggest hit is their vegan ice-cream! It proves to be a challenge to find vegan desserts in New York but Lulu’s is one of those hidden treasures tucked away in the Lower East Side where my date and I can go for a cozy vegan dessert treat after dinner. In addition to Lulu’s desserts being vegan, they are also all-natural, organic, gluten-free and made daily on premise! Little did I know that I was eating a “healthy” dessert but my taste-buds couldn’t tell the difference! 


Milk it, Baby!



Who says that cookies and milk are just for bedtime? The folks at The Milk Bar of Momofuku Restaurant redefines this bedtime treat to be enjoyed any time of the day – and in a very elegant setting too! 

Think they only serve cookies and milk? Think again! With dessert options like cake truffles (drool), pies by the slice, cakes, soft-serve ice cream and shakes you are sure to find a delectable treat to share with your date. 

The Milk Bar has 5 locations scattered throughout the major hubs of New York City. You can find them in the East Village, Upper West Side, Williamsburg, Carroll Gardens and my personal favorite location – Midtown. I love the Midtown location for two main reasons – 1. It is a short walk to the beautiful and romantic Central Park so we can get our desserts and sashay down for a romantic walk in The Park when the weather is gorgeous and 2. When New York decides to treat us with some not-so-nice weather, we can head upstairs to The Milk Bar’s cozy lounge to relax and enjoy our dessert! 

I assure you, you won’t be disappointed! 


Eating every Crumb!

I love having something sweet after dinner (or just something sweet in general) and who doesn’t love sinking their teeth into the decadent chocolatey goodness of a cupcake!

Crumbs really gets it right with their creations. Of all the cupcake bakeries I’ve been to in New York City, Crumbs ranks amongst my favorites and with twenty-one locations in Manhattan alone, getting to one will be a piece of cake, pun intended! 

Crumbs has thirty and counting Signature cupcakes. It is always a pleasure going in and longingly gaze at all of them to try to decide which one to get. The staff is friendly and patient (which is a blessing for an indecisive person like myself) and I have never been disappointed by any of their recommendations to date! 

My personal favorite? The Cappuccino Cupcake….coffee and dessert….need I say more? Check it out and let me know what you think! 

Happy eating! 



Sweet Date – Pinkberry

One of my favorite places to go after a date is Pinkberry! Why? Being in New York City, there is no shortage of frozen yogurt joints to try but Pinkberry stands out because of their numerous convenient locations and their clean, inviting stores! 

Lets talk about flavors and toppings! Pinkberry has seven flavors – Mango, Coconut, Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Gingerbread, Original and my personal favorite – Chocolate Hazelnut! It will be remiss of me to exclude the toppings! With over twenty toppings available the combinations are countless! 

Why go to Pinkberry on a date or post-date? It’s a great way to gauge how inventive or classic your partner is and a great option for you to prolong your date with that special person! So go ahead and get inventive with your creations and have fun! Image