Eating every Crumb!

I love having something sweet after dinner (or just something sweet in general) and who doesn’t love sinking their teeth into the decadent chocolatey goodness of a cupcake!

Crumbs really gets it right with their creations. Of all the cupcake bakeries I’ve been to in New York City, Crumbs ranks amongst my favorites and with twenty-one locations in Manhattan alone, getting to one will be a piece of cake, pun intended! 

Crumbs has thirty and counting Signature cupcakes. It is always a pleasure going in and longingly gaze at all of them to try to decide which one to get. The staff is friendly and patient (which is a blessing for an indecisive person like myself) and I have never been disappointed by any of their recommendations to date! 

My personal favorite? The Cappuccino Cupcake….coffee and dessert….need I say more? Check it out and let me know what you think! 

Happy eating! 




3 thoughts on “Eating every Crumb!

  1. Just looking at those on the screen makes my mouth water. I can only imagine when I finally make it in to #Crumbs how indecisive I will be. Thanks to this at least I know it’ll be a nice atmosphere.

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