Milk it, Baby!



Who says that cookies and milk are just for bedtime? The folks at The Milk Bar of Momofuku Restaurant redefines this bedtime treat to be enjoyed any time of the day – and in a very elegant setting too! 

Think they only serve cookies and milk? Think again! With dessert options like cake truffles (drool), pies by the slice, cakes, soft-serve ice cream and shakes you are sure to find a delectable treat to share with your date. 

The Milk Bar has 5 locations scattered throughout the major hubs of New York City. You can find them in the East Village, Upper West Side, Williamsburg, Carroll Gardens and my personal favorite location – Midtown. I love the Midtown location for two main reasons – 1. It is a short walk to the beautiful and romantic Central Park so we can get our desserts and sashay down for a romantic walk in The Park when the weather is gorgeous and 2. When New York decides to treat us with some not-so-nice weather, we can head upstairs to The Milk Bar’s cozy lounge to relax and enjoy our dessert! 

I assure you, you won’t be disappointed! 



2 thoughts on “Milk it, Baby!

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  2. Oh my gosh, this site is like dessert heaven!!! Love that I can find delicious treats (not necessarily after dinner) in settings that are ultra modern and unique. #MilkBar is definitely some place I have to visit soon.

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