Express Train to Chocolate Heaven!



If you have never taken your date to Max Brenner before then Shame on You! Hailed for their ooey, gooey, chocolate goodness, Max Brenner creations are chocolate volcanos waiting to explode their sinful and smooth riches in yours and your dates mouths! 

Upon walking into their Union Square location you are instantly welcomed by a smooth and velvety aroma of rich chocolate that instantly makes your mouth water. Its hard for me to manage more than a mere few steps in the restaurant before wanting to eat everything in sight (and this is before I am even seated!). From chocolate cocktails to shakes to waffles to ice creams to fondues, Max Brenner appeals to every chocolate lovers taste buds. The atmosphere is cozy, the staff is helpful and their guests all seem to be in jovial moods (who wouldn’t be in a good mood if chocolate is present!). So take the next express train to Union Square and experience the decadence of Max Brenner for yourself! 

p.s….their tag line is “Chocolate: A Love Story” that’s a sign to begin your own love story! 




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