Candy Heaven


I still haven’t quite figured out if Dylan’s Candy Bar is for adults or kids but I can tell you that as an adult, I am back to being a kid in a candy shop! Upon entering Dylan’s one can immediately smell the delicious scents of sweet licorish mixed with with heady richness of chocolate. It’s a kid’s (and adult’s) dream come true! 

Dylan’s offers such a wide assortment of candy and there are many ways to buy the candy too – by weight or by piece. What kinda gal would I be without mentioning their wide range of chocolates! It will be difficult to walk out of Dylan’s without making a purchase! 

Going to Dylan’s is a perfect way to end a dinner date. The shop is colorful, bright and one tends to tune in to their youthful side whilst being there which brings the innocence and playfulness back into our personalities! 

Dylan’s NY Flagship store is conveniently located in Midtown on 60th and 3rd and is easily accessible by the yellow and green subway lines. I promise that you won’t be disappointed! 






Favela, Astoria

While I tend to generally enjoy bright, fun places for dessert dates, every so often I love dressing up and going to a classy yet relaxing place to enjoy a glass of wine and a dessert while listening to live music. Favela Grill in Astoria promises a relaxed dining experience for its patrons. Favela is a Brazilian restaurant located in the heart of Astoria on 28th Avenue between 33rd and 34th street. On Friday and Saturday nights, Favela promises live Brazilian music. Talk about setting a romantic mood! Whether you are dining in or just hanging out in the lounge you will enjoy a very relaxed, romantic and comfortable experience at Favela!

p.s their desserts and wines are simply amazing! 

Price Range: $$

Cozy Level: 5 (out of 5) 



Omonia in Astoria



Astoria, like Williamsburg and Austin Street are swanky little areas that does promise hustle and bustle…but not quite as much as Manhattan! Omonia Cafe is a place to check out if ever in Astoria! Renowned for their European desserts and coffees, Omonia promises pure satisfaction to their patrons. In the late Spring, Summer and early Fall, patrons can enjoy a true European outdoor style dining experience! It is an amazing experience to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and a dessert treat in the open and feeling the sun and air on my face; and with the huge European population in Astoria, its difficult not to imagine being in Paris or Venice. Omonia is ideal for a date with your significant other whether it be the place where you first meet them or after years of being together. Omonia’s wide selection of treats, food and beverages will not leave you wanting more!  

Chocolate is a Girl’s Best Friend (ok…a girl’s second best friend)



I love Rockefeller Center in the Winter…and Fall…and Spring…ok I love Rockefeller Center all year round (but most especially in the Winter). And what better way to enjoy looking at the tree and the skaters than with a cup of hot chocolate and a some sumptuous gourmet chocolates! 

La Maison du Chocolat is the perfect spot to indulge in the gourmet richness of delectable chocolate creations before trotting off to Rockefeller Center. The attention to detail in each of their creations does not go unnoticed. The ganaches, pralines and fruited chocolates along with their eclairs, cakes, tarts and macarons pastries will transport you to paradise. Every time I  sink my teeth into one of their ganaches my world stands still and all I can think about in that moment is the pure enjoyment of chocolate. Sharing chocolate is a fun option for Couples. I love popping one of these goodies in my Date’s mouth while he does the same to me! It’s romantic, fun and adorable! 

Not in Rockefeller Center? La Maison du Chocolat has four locations across Manhattan. Check out one of them for your next date occasion! 

Price Range: $$

Cozy Level: 3 Stars out of 5 



Who Doesn’t Love Some Ice cream


When I was a kid, I fervently waited for the local ice cream truck every Sunday afternoon to come by our street where the other kids from the neighborhood and I would make a mad dash from our homes to the truck to fill up on ice cream. The “Ice cream Man” (as he was called) was one of the most beloved persons to the kids in my neighborhood (second only to Santa) as he strolled in with his trolley of treats every Sunday. My favorite ice cream treat as a kid was a chocolate ice cream sandwich (yes, chocolate on chocolate!) and I always ordered two (which I regret today for causing the extra luv around my mid-section area). 

My Sunday tradition has evolved over the years and I now find myself looking for unique flavors and a higher quality ice cream while still being reminded of the playfulness of having an ice cream on a hot summer afternoon. I am always able to get that from Cold Stone Creamery. Never once have I ever been disappointed with their creations. With a Menu filled with Ice cream, ice cream cakes, smoothies, milkshakes and frozen yogurt, Cold Stone offers treats that both you and your Date can enjoy (and share)! I love going to Cold Stone to get one of their Signature Creations and eat it while walking and chatting with my Prince Charming. It’s a wonderful way to spend quality time together where we can retreat to being kids again with our ice cream treats! 

Price Range: $

Cozy Level: 5 (out of 5) if you go for a walk! 

Locations: Click Here to see locations in Manhattan