Chocolate is a Girl’s Best Friend (ok…a girl’s second best friend)



I love Rockefeller Center in the Winter…and Fall…and Spring…ok I love Rockefeller Center all year round (but most especially in the Winter). And what better way to enjoy looking at the tree and the skaters than with a cup of hot chocolate and a some sumptuous gourmet chocolates! 

La Maison du Chocolat is the perfect spot to indulge in the gourmet richness of delectable chocolate creations before trotting off to Rockefeller Center. The attention to detail in each of their creations does not go unnoticed. The ganaches, pralines and fruited chocolates along with their eclairs, cakes, tarts and macarons pastries will transport you to paradise. Every time I  sink my teeth into one of their ganaches my world stands still and all I can think about in that moment is the pure enjoyment of chocolate. Sharing chocolate is a fun option for Couples. I love popping one of these goodies in my Date’s mouth while he does the same to me! It’s romantic, fun and adorable! 

Not in Rockefeller Center? La Maison du Chocolat has four locations across Manhattan. Check out one of them for your next date occasion! 

Price Range: $$

Cozy Level: 3 Stars out of 5 




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