Candy Heaven


I still haven’t quite figured out if Dylan’s Candy Bar is for adults or kids but I can tell you that as an adult, I am back to being a kid in a candy shop! Upon entering Dylan’s one can immediately smell the delicious scents of sweet licorish mixed with with heady richness of chocolate. It’s a kid’s (and adult’s) dream come true! 

Dylan’s offers such a wide assortment of candy and there are many ways to buy the candy too – by weight or by piece. What kinda gal would I be without mentioning their wide range of chocolates! It will be difficult to walk out of Dylan’s without making a purchase! 

Going to Dylan’s is a perfect way to end a dinner date. The shop is colorful, bright and one tends to tune in to their youthful side whilst being there which brings the innocence and playfulness back into our personalities! 

Dylan’s NY Flagship store is conveniently located in Midtown on 60th and 3rd and is easily accessible by the yellow and green subway lines. I promise that you won’t be disappointed! 






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