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I’m sure this is normal of most couples, but Evan and I tend to have random conversations about a plethora of banal topics – bananas and what level of brown spottedness we prefer to eat them at, the pros and cons of down sleeping bags, whether or not our water filter is really doing its job, and how ice cream sandwiches may be the perfect dessert. Well, that last one we’ve only discussed in detail once, but we spent a good 30 minutes listing the positive attributes of the ice cream sandwich, namely the fact that you get ice cream and cake or cookie all in one hand-held dessert. We started dreaming up the best ice cream and cookie combinations – Chocolate/Peanut Butter, Coconut/Lime, Cinnamon/Sugar, Gingerbread/Pumpkin, the list goes on. So, I decided I’d start bringing our ice cream sandwich dreams to life one by one.

Strawberry shortcake was a…

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