From the bar: Rhubarb Mezcalarita

Ahhh! Very yummmy!!!

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I first tasted Mezcal when we were living in New York City a few years ago. We were fortunate enough to indulge in an incredible meal at Wylie Dufresne’s, WD-50, but because our table wasn’t ready on time, we were left in the entertainment of the talented mixologist – and my taste buds would forever be opened to the infinite potential of the cocktail. Up until then, I stayed very close to the mixed spirits that were familiar to me – cranberry vodkas, margaritas, gin & tonics, the occasional white Russian at the bowling alley (yes, the Dude would abide). Nothing fancy. But when my lips tasted the drink that was placed in front of me, dubbed “Que Pasa Calabaza”, my mind was blown. Cocoa nib infused mezcal danced around with yuzu, liquified squash and black salt. It was so good that I ordered another….and then another. That was fall, so…

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