Indulging in a little sin


Living in Astoria allows me the perks of living quite close to Manhattan as well as having access to many cafes, bakeries and cute bistros so that I can fulfill my cravings without having to trek into Manhattan to get them. Now, everyone knows I was born with a sweet tooth so I was very surprised that I was able to resist La Guli for over a year after having passed it on numbers occasions! But a recent visit to my family in New Jersey finally had me opening the doors of this beautiful and quaint bakery to get some sweet treats to take with me to my family’s place in Jersey.

Upon walking in to La Guli, you are immediately greeted by the delicious scents of warm baked treats; the sort of scents you would associate with your grandmother’s kitchen after she finished baking pies, cakes and breads! After a few inhales and exhales your eyes will be treated with the sight of trays and trays of yummy baked fares that are just too sinful to be legal!

My choice for the day? Tarts and cannolis…and everyone in that house in West New Jersey was quite happy for the rest of the evening! So go in to La Guli and indulge in your sweet tooth!



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