Babycakes NYC!




Last week my friend and I ended up at babycakes NYC after ditching an office happy hour. We were both craving something sweet and being that my friend is vegan, Babycakes was a no brainer decision! So we trotted over to the bakery and we amazed by the amount of vegan and gluten-free options they offer! In addition to the bakery, there is also an adorable dining area, perfect for an afternoon date!

We loaded up on donuts, cupcakes and cookies and we were so pleased by how yummy these treats were! Babycakes is a spot we will definitely be going to again!

Happy Eating!



Love is in the Air

Absolutely adorable! I can’t wait to try these out!

Sweet And Crumby

Whether you have a sweetheart, a sweet kid to bake cookies for, a dog to hug, or know someone you want to share a little happiness with…bake any of these treats and make this Thursday a little sweeter.


Raspberry jam filled, melt-in-your mouthLinzer Cookies will surely put a smile on anyone’s face this Valentine’s Day.

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Hospitality and Almond Joy Macaroons{Naturally Gluten Free}

Sounds quite yummy to make!

Sweet And Crumby

These sweet, tender and darkly chocolate macaroons were first served to me by a friend’s friend; someone who was not expecting us to stop by and whom had just literally driven up to find us hanging outside her house. Instead of visiting with us on her lawn, like I would have done back in the day, she invited us in and began to just whip up a batch of these addicting little cookies at the spur of the moment. Minutes later we were all sitting on her sofa, inhaling the heavenly aromas and laughing, and not ten minutes after that we were sipping on her husband’s famous Mandarin Orange martinis and munching on melt-in-your-mouth macaroons.


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New York on a plate: Where to get your fill

Very nice to consider when Dining Out!

Devoted To Travel

New York wipes the floor with other cities when it comes to dining out. Where else can you find such an eclectic range of cuisine?
If you fancy authentic Polish cuisine like kielbasa and babka, hop on the G to Greenpoint. Hankering after a particular Greek dish? Head to Astoria. Looking for Russian cuisine? Downtown Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach will satisfy any such cravings.
Ask any New Yorker for their favourite restaurant and they won’t just give you one. Instead, they’ll reel off just their top brunch spots or send you off with a list of their must-visit Italian joints. It’s just too hard to whittle down so many cracking restaurants. You see, New Yorkers love eating out so much they simply never eat in.
After cranking up a fair bit of time in New York over the past three years, I’ve racked up a few favourite restaurants. But just like…

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We’ve All Been There

Interesting article to considering when going on a date!

untitledIt’s safe to say that everyone has been on a bad date at some point in their life. Whether it was at age thirteen and your “boyfriend” had clammy hands at the movies, or last week when the hot stranger from your building admitted to watching people out his windows over drinks, it has happened to all of us.

Enter Raz, a twenty-something living in New York enjoying all NYC has to offer: friends, food, social events, and of course, bad dates. Raz’s blog When Bad Dates Happen To Good People is a collection of stories from all across the dating world. The stories range from borderline stalking(just happened to know exactly what apartment you live in) to people that just won’t get the hint(“are u there? hello??”) to a date with a bucket of nerves(it’s never a good sign if you end up sustaining injuries on…

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Azuri Cafe

I recently went to Azuri Cafe on 51st Street b/w 9th & 10th Avenue to have a late lunch and although I was quite full after lunch I couldn’t resist the urge to have a sweet treat and I was not disappointed! My sweet treat was the Turkish Baklavah and it was a bite straight out of Turkey! The Baklavah was soft, moist and the perfect blend of a flakey upper layer and solid bottom layer. I paired this with a cup of Turkish coffee and I sat in Azuri thinking this was the perfect afternoon!

I urge you to check out Azuri for their lunch options as well as sweet treats! You won’t be disappointed!


Tea Please!

Cha-an Tea House is a perfect place to take your date on a lovely Spring afternoon. This elegant Tea House makes me feel warm, welcomed and happy whenever I trek down to the East Village to enjoy a yummy cup of tea and dessert treat. Cha-an is a place everyone will enjoy as they offer something special for all of their patrons. Think they only serve tea? Cha-an offers a wide variety of options ranging from coffee, sake, wine and beer in addition to their huge selection of their signature teas! What Tea joint would be successful in NYC without offering a bite to eat? Cha-an also offers light breakfast and lunch options and delicious desserts as well! 

Check out Cha-an next time you and your sweetheart are in the East Village! 



Wine for All!


DiWine was the first wine bar I went to when I first moved to New York City. Located in a cozy pocket of Astoria just off the Queens Borough Bridge, DiWine offers a wonderful selection of wines, cheeses and desserts to appease any wine aficionado (and sweet tooth). DiWine has the feel of a lounge, a classy bar and a restaurant all rolled into one and will set the mood right for you and your sweetheart. I love DiWine’s selection of wines. My favorite type of wine is white and DiWine does not disappoint.

DiWine is a perfect spot to have a fun first date. It is elegant, romantic and very cozy so check it out and tell me what you think! 


Emergency Small Batch Brownies

I have days like this alllllllll the time!

The Craving Chronicles

Do you ever have days where you feel like you need a brownie so badly that you’re sure the sky will fall, continents will crumble, and gravity will release it’s sticky grip and throw us all into chaos if you don’t get one?

No? Me neither.

Emergency Small Batch Brownies

In unrelated news, here’s a recipe for making just 2 or 3-ish brownies. For those times when you don’t want to share. Or the times when you don’t trust yourself not to eat a full pan of brownies in one sitting. Or, you know, when you just really, really want a rich, fudgy, decadent brownie. Or else.

You’re going to need something other than the usual 9×13 or 8×8 pan to make these. The good news is that you have a few options. You can use an 8-inch by 4-inch loaf pan, 2 or 3 ramekins, or two of these adorable little 5-inch cast…

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Sometimes it’s great to go on a sweet date but sometimes it’s great to have a fun date by staying in and making a sweet treat with your significant other. Try one of these yummy recipes next time you’re thinking of a fun dating idea!

The Craving Chronicles

It seems like once the weather cools down everyone wants to jump right into pumpkin season. Don’t get me wrong, I love pumpkin as much as anyone else, but to me September is apple season.

I was thinking about how often apples get overshadowed by pumpkin a few weeks ago when my husband asked me if I wanted to attend a dinner party with some of his coworkers. “Hrmmm. Maybe…”, I said. “They asked us to bring some kind of food to share”, he said. That was all I needed to hear. Not one to pass up an opportunity, I agreed, “I’ll go… but only if I can bring dessert.” I had visions of apples and caramel and cupcakes swirling in my head.

It took me a while to decide on an approach for these cupcakes. Did I want apple cupcakes with caramel frosting? Caramel cupcakes with apple frosting? Would…

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