Indulging in a little sin


Living in Astoria allows me the perks of living quite close to Manhattan as well as having access to many cafes, bakeries and cute bistros so that I can fulfill my cravings without having to trek into Manhattan to get them. Now, everyone knows I was born with a sweet tooth so I was very surprised that I was able to resist La Guli for over a year after having passed it on numbers occasions! But a recent visit to my family in New Jersey finally had me opening the doors of this beautiful and quaint bakery to get some sweet treats to take with me to my family’s place in Jersey.

Upon walking in to La Guli, you are immediately greeted by the delicious scents of warm baked treats; the sort of scents you would associate with your grandmother’s kitchen after she finished baking pies, cakes and breads! After a few inhales and exhales your eyes will be treated with the sight of trays and trays of yummy baked fares that are just too sinful to be legal!

My choice for the day? Tarts and cannolis…and everyone in that house in West New Jersey was quite happy for the rest of the evening! So go in to La Guli and indulge in your sweet tooth!



Stealing a little bit more of summer



The end of Summer is here 😦 boooooooo! So let’s extend Summer just a tad bit longer by indulging in WonderBerry’s Frozen Yogurts Delight. The bright and fresh decor of WonderBerry coupled with the delicious aroma of freshly cooked waffle cones will have you leaving your pockets just a bit lighter after leaving! Located conveniently in Hell’s Kitchen on 9th Avenue between 46th and 47th street, this is the perfect spot to wander into after a romantic dinner with your beau! Give them a try! You won’t be disappointed! 

Ferrarra Bakery & Cafe









Holy Cannoli are the only words that come to mind when I think of my recent trip to Ferrarra Bakery & Cafe – the first Espresso Bar in America since 1892. The sweet treats at Ferrarra are simply amazing and because you are presented with so many choices it will be quite difficult to make up your mind on what to order! I recommend for anyone going to this wonderful spot on a date, with friends or even solo! You will not be disappointed!


Atlas Cafe

Being a new New Yorker, I always thought it was pointless to go to the same restaurant twice but whenever I have a craving for something vegan or organic I always end up at Atlas Cafe and I have never once been disappointed. Atlas has been a destination for me even before I moved here. It was one of the first cafes I’ve been to when I was a tourist and now that I am engrained in the life here, it’s the only the cafe I keep going back to over and over again!

Atlas is a wonderful hole-in-the-wall spot to visit, especially in the early or late Summer months. I love sitting on the bench outside enjoying a vegan cookie and a latte while I watch the passers-by on 2nd Ave. While Atlas maybe not be the most romantic spot to go on a date, it’s cute and cozy atmosphere on the inside will have you rubbing shoulders and knees with your sweetheart and the summer breeze on the outside will stir a bit of romance into your afternoon!

Atlas Tuesday

Macaron Cafe


When was the last time you sat at a cafe and sank your teeth into the velvety smoothness of a french macaroon? Macaron Cafe is one of the sweetest spots for indulgences in Manhattan! In addition to yummy macaroons, Macaron Cafe offers a wide variety of cafe items to choose from their menu. The ambience is relaxing and welcoming and the sweet treats are amazing! This is a perfect spot for a brunch date!

Babycakes NYC!




Last week my friend and I ended up at babycakes NYC after ditching an office happy hour. We were both craving something sweet and being that my friend is vegan, Babycakes was a no brainer decision! So we trotted over to the bakery and we amazed by the amount of vegan and gluten-free options they offer! In addition to the bakery, there is also an adorable dining area, perfect for an afternoon date!

We loaded up on donuts, cupcakes and cookies and we were so pleased by how yummy these treats were! Babycakes is a spot we will definitely be going to again!

Happy Eating!


Azuri Cafe

I recently went to Azuri Cafe on 51st Street b/w 9th & 10th Avenue to have a late lunch and although I was quite full after lunch I couldn’t resist the urge to have a sweet treat and I was not disappointed! My sweet treat was the Turkish Baklavah and it was a bite straight out of Turkey! The Baklavah was soft, moist and the perfect blend of a flakey upper layer and solid bottom layer. I paired this with a cup of Turkish coffee and I sat in Azuri thinking this was the perfect afternoon!

I urge you to check out Azuri for their lunch options as well as sweet treats! You won’t be disappointed!


Gimme that Cupcake



Light, sweet and delicious; Magnolia’s is a wonderful bakery for couples of all ages to stop in and enjoy their baked treats! The airy, bright and inviting atmosphere of each location beckons sweettooths in from all across Manhattan to sample their goods. 

Magnolia make all their goods fresh, from scratch and on-site everyday so customers are guaranteed absolute freshness in every bite! I have never been disappointed with any of their goods and with countless options to choose from their menu, I keep going back and you will too so take your date over on your next date to sample yummy treats from Magnolia’s! 


Price Range: $

Cozy Level: 2 Stars (out of 5) 


Favela, Astoria

While I tend to generally enjoy bright, fun places for dessert dates, every so often I love dressing up and going to a classy yet relaxing place to enjoy a glass of wine and a dessert while listening to live music. Favela Grill in Astoria promises a relaxed dining experience for its patrons. Favela is a Brazilian restaurant located in the heart of Astoria on 28th Avenue between 33rd and 34th street. On Friday and Saturday nights, Favela promises live Brazilian music. Talk about setting a romantic mood! Whether you are dining in or just hanging out in the lounge you will enjoy a very relaxed, romantic and comfortable experience at Favela!

p.s their desserts and wines are simply amazing! 

Price Range: $$

Cozy Level: 5 (out of 5) 



Omonia in Astoria



Astoria, like Williamsburg and Austin Street are swanky little areas that does promise hustle and bustle…but not quite as much as Manhattan! Omonia Cafe is a place to check out if ever in Astoria! Renowned for their European desserts and coffees, Omonia promises pure satisfaction to their patrons. In the late Spring, Summer and early Fall, patrons can enjoy a true European outdoor style dining experience! It is an amazing experience to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and a dessert treat in the open and feeling the sun and air on my face; and with the huge European population in Astoria, its difficult not to imagine being in Paris or Venice. Omonia is ideal for a date with your significant other whether it be the place where you first meet them or after years of being together. Omonia’s wide selection of treats, food and beverages will not leave you wanting more!