Stealing a little bit more of summer



The end of Summer is here ūüė¶ boooooooo! So let’s extend Summer just a tad bit longer by indulging in WonderBerry’s Frozen Yogurts Delight. The bright and fresh decor of WonderBerry coupled with the delicious aroma of freshly cooked waffle cones will have you leaving your pockets just a bit lighter after leaving! Located conveniently in Hell’s Kitchen on 9th Avenue between 46th and 47th street, this is the perfect spot to wander into after a romantic dinner with your beau! Give them a try! You won’t be disappointed!¬†


Favela, Astoria

While I tend to generally enjoy bright, fun places for dessert dates, every so often I love dressing up and going to a classy yet relaxing place to enjoy a glass of wine and a dessert while listening to live music. Favela Grill in Astoria promises a relaxed dining experience for its patrons. Favela is a Brazilian restaurant located in the heart of Astoria on 28th Avenue between 33rd and 34th street. On Friday and Saturday nights, Favela promises live Brazilian music. Talk about setting a romantic mood! Whether you are dining in or just hanging out in the lounge you will enjoy a very relaxed, romantic and comfortable experience at Favela!

p.s their desserts and wines are simply amazing! 

Price Range: $$

Cozy Level: 5 (out of 5) 



Omonia in Astoria



Astoria, like Williamsburg and Austin Street are swanky little areas that does promise hustle and bustle…but not quite as much as Manhattan! Omonia Cafe is a place to check out if ever in Astoria! Renowned for their European desserts and coffees, Omonia promises pure satisfaction to their patrons. In the late Spring, Summer and early Fall, patrons can enjoy a true European outdoor style dining experience! It is an amazing experience to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and a dessert treat in the open and feeling the sun and air on my face; and with the huge European population in Astoria, its difficult not to imagine being in Paris or Venice. Omonia is ideal for a date with your significant other whether it be the place where you first meet them or after years of being together. Omonia’s wide selection of treats, food and beverages will not leave you wanting more! ¬†

Sweet Breakfast Date!



On our way to the Museum of Natural History last Saturday, my date and I decided to stop in at Le Pain Quotidien at 72nd and Central Park West for some sweet breakfast treats before our museum exploration!

Upon entering the cafe, I was instantly transported to Belgium by both the decor and delicious scents of bread, pastries and coffee. The seating arrangements fascinated me with their big communal tables scattered throughout the cafe as well as their cozy two and four-seater tables. “Friends and strangers alike come together around our communal table to break bread and linger for a while” – Le Pain Quotidien. We are reminded by the fact that even in such a big city like New York City, we are a community!¬†

Now let’s talk about their delicacies! Founder,¬†Alain Coumont began Le Pain Quotidien baking bread, so we decided to have the bread basket (meant to be shared) with an assortment of jams and spreads. To start off our meal we had two of the most delicious beverages ever! – a Belgium hot chocolate and a latte. Now this Belgium hot chocolate is unlike any standard hot chocolate you’ve ever had! They serve you a cup of hot milk and a small vial of pure dark liquid chocolate to pour inside the milk. The outcome? Pure satisfaction!

Have you been convinced as yet? Maybe this next photo might! 


Price Range: $

Cozy Level: 4 Stars (out of 5)